Engage Your Customers

We make it simple to keep in touch with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Customer Engagement


Offer tasty discounts to promote special offers, reward loyal customers, and apologize for negative experiences.

Email Marketing

Our integrated email marketing lets you easily connect with your customer base. As customers order, they can be automatically added to your email list. One email can generate thousands in sales, and regular communication encourages customer loyalty.

Want to use a more advanced email marketing provider? We integrate with other systems as well!

Feedback Management

Feedback surveys let your customers tell you when they had a good or bad experience, but the conversation doesn’t end there. Get all the information you need to fix problems sent to your mobile phone, and respond to the customer with one tap!

Automated Emails

Send targeted emails to your customers to improve retention and loyalty. Some examples:
  • Retention: If a customer hasn’t ordered for 30 days, send them a special deal to keep them coming back.
  • New Customers: If it’s a customer’s first order, send them a Thank You note and ask how their experience was.
  • Rewards: When a customer spends over $1,000 (across all their orders), send them a coupon for being such a great customer.

Customer Engagement