Here are the features that are offered to Clover Pos User that purchase our application:

Responsive Online Ordering Menu on your website or webpage
This menu will give a great user experience to your customer on all devices: Tablets, smartphones, desktops and laptops. We will place your online ordering menu on your website or webpage. Want to do it yourself? No problem we will give you the code to drop on your site.

Unlimited Orders
More orders you receive, more money you make. pay one fixed monthly fee, instead of transaction fees per order.

Receive Advanced Orders
This is a great feature for your customers to place their orders in advance. Great for larger tickets and catering orders

Delivery & Variable Delivery Fees
Offer delivery to your customers with flat fee delivery or variable fee delivery zones

Credit Card Processing
Process credit cards with your existing merchant account. A Gateway will be required. Don’t worry, we are happy to help

Pizza topping Picker
User friendly interface which makes it easy for your customers to select pizza toppings: left half, right half and whole pizza

Offer Coupons
Engage and convert more client business via email. Issue your customer’s coupons codes to keep them coming back for more or rewarding them for their business. Customers will use these coupons at online ordering checkout.

Ordering from your Facebook Page
We’ve got an app for that. That’s right we will also place your online ordering menu on your Facebook page. Customers can order right from your Facebook page!

Custom Checkout Fields
Looking to collect specific information from your clients? No problem! You can customize these checkout fields.

Robust Reporting & Excel Export
How much revenue am I generating from online ordering? Who are my top customers? What are my top selling items? How much business is from credit cards? Can I export it to excel? No problem! Our Reporting can do it all!

Food Images
Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. People are very visual and want to see your food. You can add high quality images to your online ordering menu.

Email MailChimp & Constant Contact Integration
Do you use MailChimp or Constant contact as your email newsletter system? Our system integrates with them! You can collect emails from our online ordering system directly into your MailChimp or Constant Contact account.

Automated Emails
Want to automate emails and send them to a customer when they have not placed an order in 30 days? No problem! How about rewarding your customers when they have spent a certain amount of money via online ordering. Again, no problem. Our system can automate this for you!

 Customer Survey & Feedback
Find out what you are doing right or wrong directly from your customers. Fix issues before they become big problems. Every customer can receive a feedback survey after they place their order. This is a great opportunity to learn from your customers and train up your team.

Did your customer forget to order something? Let’s not let that happen! Our upsell feature can automatically offer additional food items based on their ordering decisions. For example: if a customer orders a hamburger. Your restaurant may want to automatically ask the customer if they want fries and a drink. If they order an entrée, your restaurant may automatically ask if they want dessert.

Variable Lead Time
Certain food items take longer to make than others. Right? Of course! We want to make sure you get those orders done on time. We’ve added a feature that will automatically know that certain items take longer than others to make. This will calculate the times accordingly for an on time takeout and delivery order.

Social / Viral Sharing
We all understand the importance of sharing things on social media. We have created the opportunity at checkout for your customers to share your online ordering with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you want you can reward your customers for sharing your restaurant!

**certain options are not available with certain plans. All the options above are available for the platinum plan. See pricing to see which options are available with certain plans.